Keep it simple to make it easy

We want to change the way people experience music. In our opinion, everyone should have access to the entire world of music. simfy gives you this freedom anywhere, anytime!

Our team consists of a bunch of music junkies who listen to music all day, every day. We just decided we didn't want to collect any more CDs or organize MP3 files, plus, we wanted to find an easy way to discover new music and share it with our friends. This is how simfy was born: a fast and easy way to listen to music - no limits, no hassle, everywhere and at any time.

simfy lets you select and play any song from an immense music catalog. Listen to as much as you like - the entire world of music - on demand.

simfy was founded in May 2010 and since then has become one of the leading music services within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We want to offer our service globally as soon as possible which means simfy will be available abroad soon, too!


The 5 elements of simfy's success

Our priority is to provide the best music service to our users. The driving force behind our successes is the team and the way we work together! So we came up with these 5 elements to demonstrate how we define our success:

1. Simplicity

No matter how complex the problem, there is always a simple solution.
We believe keeping things simple means creating the greatest value.

2. Passion

If you really love what you do, you begin to see problems as challengs, not barriers. It is easy to see that we love what we do.
Superior dedication, on all levels, helps us meet any and all challenges.

3. Creativity

Our creativity is driven by the will to establish something new and unique. The world is changing, as are the expectations of our customers and users.
We welcome change and love being able to learn more and improve our service each day.

4. Quality & Diligence

To excel in the market and to offer our customers a truly valuable service, good ideas have to be implemented without a flaw.
The absolute highest standards of quality are a recurring theme in everything we do.

5. Integrity

Success is based on reliability and mutual trust.
It is important to us, both within our team and in communication with our customers, that we can completely rely on one another trustfully.